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"Our air conditioning kicked the bucket on Wednesday so I was promptly on the phone with repair shops trying to get someone out to fix it. It's not as unbearably hot as it was a month or so ago, but a warm, stuffy room makes it hard to sleep at night. This place was the only shop that was able to come out the same day. All the damn yellow-pages ads brag about same-day service but this was the only one who meant it. The repair guy was courteous and quick. He reviewed everything with me before staring the work and there were no unexpected charges. Oh, the joys of home-ownership! :P" - Kelly B, Phoenix
"Ok, so i have had problems with my AC Unit on and off for the last two months. I found Christian Brothers in the yellow pages. The repair man was here within an hour of my phone call. They Fixed the problem, and it turned out not to be something major. I was impressed on how they could have taken me to the cleaners and instead got our AC up and running without a huge expense. Mega Thanks" - Rob B, Phoenix

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